12. Batch Processing

Allows you to process entire folders of images into line-drawings. This is especially useful when converting image sequences. Batch Processing will maintain the file names of the original files, but with the new file extension. If you are exporting “per/pen” the files will have the suffixes “_pen1”, “_pen2” etc.

All settings like Image Filters / Path Finding Settings / Export Settings / Optimisation will be used.

  • Input Folder: The source folder for the image filters you wish to process

  • Output Folder: The destination folder for the processed files.

  • Export Options: You may select as many File Formats as you wish and export these per/drawing and/or per/pen

  • Overwrite Existing Files: If enabled when a file output for a specific file already exists in the Output Folder it will not be overwritten, if all file outputs for a specific file already exist it will not be re-processed.