9. Version Control

Allows you to save different versions of your project as you go.

As the software has many options it’s easy to forget the specific settings you used therefore saving a version is a good way to keep track of the styles.


Fig.1 - The Version Control panel, with 3 different versions saved, the panel has been dragged out of the settings panel and resized, you can do the same by dragging the panels header and resizing the new window

9.1. How to Create Versions

  • Option 1: Use the Save Version button in the bottom left of the user interface.

  • Option 2: Press the Add (Plus) button in the Version Control panel.

  • Option 3: Use the Keyboard Shortcut Shift + V (from v1.6.4)

9.2. Reviewing Versions

Open the Version Control settings panel, or go to View / Version Control

Here you’ll see a list of all the versions you’ve created, if you’ve created none the list will be empty.

For each version you’ll see the following details.

  • Image - A thumbnail preview of the version the date it was created.

  • Rating - User editable rating out of 5 Stars for the drawing.

  • Name - User editable name for the version, defaults too the name of the PFM used.

  • Date - Date & Time the version was created

  • Notes - User editable notes, to help identify versions later on.

  • File - The image used to create the drawing, which will vary if you import different images into the same project.

There are some buttons at the bottom of the Version Control panel.

  • Add (Plus) - Creates a new version.

  • Delete (Minus) - Deletes the selected version, will be grayed out if no version is selected.

  • Load Version (Eye) - Opens the version in the current project, any current settings will be changed, so if you wish to go back save another version of your project first.

  • Move Up (Up Arrow) - Moves the selected version one position up in the list.

  • Move Down (Down Arrow) - Moves the selected version one position down in the list.

  • Clear Versions (Reset Arrow) - Deletes all of the current versions, clearing the list.

You can also right-click each version to see the following options.

  • Load Version - Same as above.

  • Save as Project - Saves the version as it’s own DrawingBotV3 project to be opened later.

  • Move Up - Same as above.

  • Move Down - Same as above.

  • Delete - Same as above.

You can also select a version and press the Eye Icon too open it in the current project.