1. Quick Start

This is a quick guide to creating drawings for Print / Digital Output.

1.1. Using In-App Documentation

While you have DrawingBotV3 open you can navigate the latest documentation within the program (as of version 1.6.4).

  • Go to Help / Open Documentation - to open the documentation in-app

  • In the Path Finding Controls window, select Help, to display a specific PFM’s settings.

  • Select Any PFM Setting while the documentation window is open, to bring up the specific setting’s definition.

1.3. Digital Outputs

  1. Import the image you wish to draw with File / Import, most Image Formats are supported.

  2. Press Start Plotting, you drawing will now be generated.

  3. With this first Drawing as a reference you can begin to experiment with the Pre-Processing, Path Finding Controls and Pen Settings panels

  4. You can export the drawing with File / Export per/drawing

2. Video Tutorials

You can find video tutorials on the DrawingBotV3 YouTube Channel

2.1. Beginner Tutorial Series

Part One: Getting Started

Part Two: Drawing Area

Part Three: Image Processing

Part Four: Pen Settings

Part Five: Single Pen Plots

Part Six: Export Settings